Nenad Voća
Genbukan Mikazuki Dojo Cho (School Chief)
Nenad Voća has over 15 years of martial arts experience, and has been a member of Genbukan since 2008. To maintain the quality of his teaching, Nenad regularly visits his Sensei Neven Kopčalić in Croatia and attends international seminars by Grandmaster Shoto Tanemura.
He has a Master’s degree in Philosophy and Bachelors Degree in religious studies. Being a qualified teacher he ensures his students get high quality trainings.
Nenad Voća has the following ranks:
• Ninpo Bugei Taijutsu Shodan (2. Dan)
• Jujutsu Sho Dan (2. Dan)
• Daito Ryu Aiki Jujutsu Shoden Menkyo
• Mugen Shinto Ryu Iai Jutsu Shoden Menkyo
• Kijin Chosui Ryu Daken-Taijutsu Shoden Menkyo
• Shinden Fudo Ryu Ju Taijutsu  Tanemura-ha Shoden Menkyo
• Rokushaku Bo-jutsu / Hanbo-jutsu Sho Kyu
• Biken-jutsu 3 kyu
Neven Kopčalić, Renshi (Mangetsu Dojo, Croatia)
Dojo-Cho (School Chief) Neven Kopčalić became a member of the Genbukan World Ninpo Bugei Federation (Japan) from 1st of March 1998. He trained at Meigetsu Dojo (Zagreb) and in 2000 became an administrator and instructor in the Dojo under Majhen Sensei’s approval. Neven Kopčalić held the duty of the administration and teaching classes in Meigetsu Dojo until 2007, after which he began teaching his own group of students. Grandmaster Tanemura Shoto Sensei gave the recognition, Dojo Cho license and name for the new Dojo in Zagreb in the year 2008. Under the name Mangetsu Dojo the Dojo is under direct tutorage of Honbu Dojo in Japan and Neven Kopčalić became a direct student of Grandmaster Tanemura. Kopčalić Sensei has travelled and participated in various international seminars and trained and graded under Grandmaster Tanemura. He continues this way.
He has also studied philosophy and sociology at the University of Zagreb, having an interest in metaphysics and the philosophy of Plato and also anthropology and subcultures in sociology. After a Bachelors Degree in philosophy and sociology, he continues his studies in philosophy with special emphasis on educational sciences through pedagogy and didactic. Currently, he holds a degree of Master of Arts of Education in Philosophy (mag. educ. phil.). During his studies he has worked in the field of security by organizing and implementing security on various social and cultural events and at music clubs. Later he was co-organizer and head of security at larger festivals and events. He served in the military with the rank of Lance Corporal and received a written commendation for contribution to the efficiency and organization of section and for commitment and responsibility. He has also trained recruits for various military events.
Concerning the manner of teaching and mission through the Mangetsu Dojo (Zagreb) Kopčalić Sensei says: “Martial arts and spirituality are on the same road or way. With constant physical training throughout life it is essential to commit to daily spiritual cultivation, self inspiration, maintaining a state of realization and mental hygiene. Of course, this is not only for the sake of one’s own success, self-defense and fulfillment of happiness but also for one’s family and society. In order to create a more beautiful, successful and grateful life for those coming after. My goal is to set overall knowledge of philosophy and life experience in a didactical framework in which each person will have an equal chance to arrive at the same realizations and the same abilities. Tanemura Soke’s teachings enable all worldwide Dojo to ‘speak the same language’ while training the same original techniques. Thus these martial arts remain an inexhaustible source for discovering new in ourselves and in the application in everyday life. This martial art is a source and the highest form of self-defense, culture, ethics and spirituality. We are dedicated to preserving and teaching in an original and correct way, through Kobudo (traditional martial arts), throughout all culture, manners and humanism. In everyday life in which we all exist, full of violence, spiritual poverty and unethical behavior, this martial art is of great need and is very useful.”
Neven Kopčalić, Dojo-Cho (School Chief) has the following ranks:
• Renshi
• Ninpo Bugei Taijutsu Yon Dan (4. Dan)
• Jujutsu Yon Dan (4. Dan)
• Rokushaku Bo-jutsu / Hanbo-jutsu Shoden Menkyo
• Biken-jutsu Shoden Menkyo
• Koryu Karate Hachi Kyu
• Amatsu Tatara Bumon Shumon Shoden Shidoin
• Shinden Fudo Ryu Ju-Taijutsu Shoden Menkyo
• Daito Ryu Aiki Jujutsu Shoden Menkyo
• Mugen Shinto Ryu Iai Jutsu Shoden Menkyo
• Takagi Yoshin Ryu Jujutsu Shoden Menkyo
• Asayama Ichiden Ryu Taijutsu Shoden Menkyo
• Kijin Chosui Ryu Daken-Taijutsu Shoden Menkyo
• Togakure Ryu Ninpo Tanemura-ha Shoden Menkyo
• Tenshin Hyoho Kukishin Ryu Jujutsu Shoden Menkyo
• Shinden Fudo Ryu Daken Taijutsu Tanemura-ha Shoden Menkyo